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What is Earthing
and What Can It Do for You?

Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth. Such ordinary contact has served to transfer the Earth’s natural healing energy into the body.

Human lifestyle has disconnected us and makes us vulnerable to inflammation, pain, stress, poor sleep, and sickness. Earthing, also known as grounding, is the discovery that reconnecting to the Earth restores a timeless link to Nature that revitalizes the body, reduces pain and stress, and improves health, sleep, mood, and appearance. Reconnect and experience the healing benefits of Mother Earth.

Here’s a list of some common benefits:

  • Reduces/eliminates chronic inflammation.
  • Reduces/eliminates pain.
  • Improves your sleep. One doctor who has been recommending Earthing to his patients for 10 years said this: “The first feedback I usually hear from a patient who just started Earthing is, ‘best sleep I’ve had in years.’”
  • Improves blood flow to nourish your entire body with vital oxygen and nutrition.
  • Improves your vitality. You look and feel better.
  • Decreases stress in the body.  
  • Reduces hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches.
  • Accelerates healing from trauma, injuries, and sports/exercise activity.
  • Protects the body against possibly health-disturbing electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

Getting Started: The Earthing Institute

Where do you start?

You can get grounded outdoors and indoors. Either way, you’ll feel better, have less pain, sleep better, look better, and have more energy.

Weather (too cold, too hot), hazardous or unsanitary surface conditions, and busy schedules discourage most people from Earthing outside by going barefoot. In general, routine Earthing outside isn’t as convenient as doing it routinely inside your home or workplace.

The key to success is Earthing routinely. Now and then doesn’t get the job done. Certainly not for serious pain and illness. So easiest of all is to ground yourself indoors right where you sit or sleep, work or relax. You ground yourself while you do what you normally do.


Did you ever experience a great sense of well-being or pain relief when you walked barefoot one time or another along the beach or on a wet lawn? If so, you were experiencing the Earth’s energy in action.

Being barefoot on the ground outside will ground you. Water recreation, swimming or wading, will do the same.

Moist surfaces are best, but even dry surfaces will ground you as well. Concrete works, too. Asphalt, vinyl, and wood not. A backyard or nearby park are ideal.

If you can find the time and a safe place to do it, try to ground yourself for at least a half-hour or 40 minutes. Notice your stress or pain level before and again at the end. You will be surprised.

Surfaces that will or won’t ground you

Walking, running, standing, or sitting barefoot, with stocking feet, or conductive shoes on the following surfaces will ground you:

☆Outside: grass, soil, gravel, stone, sand, brick, concrete.

☆Inside: unpainted/unsealed concrete or tile floor built directly on the Earth (best to test the floor for conductivity).

Following surfaces will not ground you. 

☆Outside: asphalt, vinyl, wood (such as wooden decks). 

☆Inside: wooden floors, painted/sealed concrete or tiled floors, carpets.

The sicker you are, the more Earthing time you need to gain relief and regain health.

New to Earthing? Read This

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson from Barefoot Autism Warriors wrote a guide, “Barefoot Healing and Grounding for Autism”


In this guide you will get:

👣 Practical tips to get started outdoors and for free.
👣 Tips to grounding indoors. 
👣 Overview of what’s grounding and what’s not.
👣 Gadgets and quick steps to ground in the city or when you can’t get barefoot outdoors.
👣The reason why you don’t have to fear EMF.
👣 Personal success stories from other moms who healed their children. 
👣 Shopping links. 
👣 Clint Ober’s story behind grounding as a healing tool and the science behind it. 
👣 I am incredibly honoured and excited to be able to share Clint Ober’s wisdom about Earthing for autism. I want moms all over the world to know how important it is to reconnect to nature.

Why do shoes and an un-natural indoor, modern lifestyle make autistic children worse? Why is an “ungrounded” life the underlying cause of many behavioural, chronic, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases? I interviewed Clint Ober, a leading expert in Grounding and earthing for healing to get the answers on how grounding heal autism in nature.

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