Eunoia Curriculum Directory

There are so many wonderful and delightful homeschool curricula and resources available.

Firstly, you get a Complete Curriculum that will provide all the subjects and homeschool support in the form of Teacher Manuals and Tests/Exams, etc. that you may need to educate your child at home.

Secondly, you get single subjects or online subjects/ schools/ service providers/ resources that you can use to build your own custom-fit and eclectic curriculum for your specific child’s unique needs.

The way you build your child’s curriculum will be determined by your homeschool philosophy, the age of your child (primary or high school), and the education system/ school exit you choose, e.g. SA, UK or US curricula.

1. SA Education System (CAPS)

Complete Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Impaq

Online Schools / Virtual Schools / Tutor Support

  1. UCT Online High School
  2. Brainline
  3. Think Digital Academy
  4. Teneo
  5. Nukleus Onderwys
  6. Cambrilearn CAPS
  7. Hatfield Christian Online School
  8. Koa Academy
  9. Clonard Online
  10. Curro Online
  11. Futures Academy
  12. Impaq Online High School
  13. Praxis Online School
  14. Saving Grace Education CAPS
  15. Swales Online Academy
  16. Die Markplein Eksamen vraestelle

Special Needs Online School

  1. Saving Grace Special Needs Online Homeschool (Remedial CAPS curriculum)
  2. EduExcellence
  3. EduExcellence Online

Tuisonderwys in jou Moederaal

  1. Tuisonderwys in Afrikaans van Cape Home Educators
  2. Wolkskool
  3. Lief en Loflik
  4. My Afrikaanse Avontuur
  5. Kieswetter Klaskamer
  6. Tuisskool in Afrikaans

2. UK Education System

Complete Homeschool Curriculum

  1. British International Distance College

Online Schools

  1. Cambrilearn
  2. Wingu Academy
  3. CL Education
  4. Clonard Education
  5. Theocentric Christian Education
  6. My Online Schooling
  7. Mountain Cambridge School Online
  8. Wolsey Hall Oxford
  9. Saving Grace Education
  10. Kings Inter High Leading Online School
  11. Open Study College
  12. Harrow School Online
  13. Distance Learning Academy
  14. The Chapel Lane Academy
  15. St. Stithians Online School
  16. Valenture Institute
  17. Crimson Global Academy
  18. Cambridge Homeschool Online
  19. Cambridge Online Academy

Cambridge Tutor Support


For more info on How to Homeschool with Cambridge, see

3. US Education System (GED or AHSD)

Complete Homeschool Curriculum

  1. The Good and the Beautiful ENGLISH & MATH ARE FREE FOR LEVELS 1-5. Marine Biology is also FREE.
  2. Funschooling see FREE pdf resources.
  3. Sonlight
  4. Classical Conversations
  5. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool FREE.
  6. Gather Round Homeschool
  7. My Father’s World
  8. Winter Promise Curriculum
  9. ACE School of Tomorrow Curriculum
  10. Book Shark
  11. A Gentle Feast
  12. Simply Charlotte Mason
  13. Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits
  14. Love 2 Learn
  15. KONOS Homeschool Curriculum, available from Oikos and official website

Online Schools / Virtual Schools / Tutor Support

NOTE: In order to qualify for matric exemption in South Africa per USAf’s requirements you need to do High School (grades 9-12) through an ACCREDITED service provider.

  1. Power Homeschool
  2. Acellus Academy ACCREDITED
  3. Southern  African Virtual School ACCREDITED
  4. Swithched On you need to work through an Academy in South Africa, e.g. Active Academy or Pure Life Academy ACCREDITED
  5. Khan Academy FREE
  6. Time4Learning
  7. Abeka Academy ACCREDITED
  9. Northgate Academy ACCREDITED
  10. Excel High School ACCREDITED
  11. Thrive Academy
  12. Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences ACCREDITED
  13. James Madison High School ACCREDITED
  14. North Star Academy ACCREDITED
  15. Oak Meadow School ACCREDITED
  16. WiloStar 3D Academy ACCREDITED
  17. Whitmore School ACCREDITED
  18. Well Trained Mind Academy ACCREDITED
  19. Enlightium Academy ACCREDITED
  20. For more options see this 50 best online schools for the American High School Diploma

Umbrella Schools

  1. Home Life Academy ACCREDITED
  2. Kairos Academy ACCREDITED
  3. Diversio Learning Academy ACCREDITED
  4. Bridgeway Academy ACCREDITED

Gifted & Talented Academy

  1. Laurel Springs School ACCREDITED
  2. Stanford University Online High School ACCREDITED

Early Learning & Pre-school

  1. The Good and the Beautiful Pre-school and FREE level K and FREE Math grade K Also see Handwriting for pre-K and K
  2. Khan Academy Kids
  3. ABC Fun & 1-2-3: Footprints on our Land Preschool Homeschool Curriculum
  4. ABC Jesus Loves Me
  5. Ambleside Online grade K
  6. Easy-Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Preschool
  7. Power Homeschool Kindergarten
  8. Starfall Kindergarten
  9. Kindergarten Educational Resources
  10. Reading Eggs and
  11. Blue Manor Academy
  12. ABC Mouse
  13. Five in a Row Kindergarten
  14. Gather ‘Round Letters & Numbers
  15. HEEP Hands-on Energetic Easy Preschool Curriculum
  16. KinderTown from DemmeLearning

Special Needs

  1. Funschooling Special Needs
    1. Dylexia/ ADHD
    1. Dyscalculia
  2. Homeschooling with Dyslexia
  3. ADHD Intensive and
  4. Good Sensory Learning Dyslexia
  5. Acellus Academy
  6. WiloStar3D Aspergers Homeschooling
  7. WiloStar3D Gifted
  8. WiloStar3D Learning Accommodations

Individual Subjects & Eclectic Homeschooling

Individual subjects can be sourced from various curriculum providers to build your own eclectic, individualized, child-centered and delight-directed curriculum.

English Language Arts

See my comprehensive article on “Mastering the Art of Language Arts”

Full Language Arts Curricula

  1. The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts
  2. Funschooling Language Arts
  3. Sonlight Language Arts
  4. Grammar Galaxy
  5. Winter Promise Language Arts
  6. LATTL Learning Language Arts Through Literature from Oikos

Homeschool Reading Lists / Living Books





Phonics & Reading

  1. Foundations Logic of English
  2. Explode the Code
  3. All about Reading
  4. McRuffy Language Arts
  5. Total Language Plus
  6. Excellence in Literature
  7. Gather Round Ready to Read
  8. Reading Eggs
  9. Starfall Reading Resources
  10. Reading Bear

Spelling & Vocabulary

  1. Wordly Wise 3000
  2. All about Spelling
  3. Spelling You See
  4. Spelling Wisdom
  5. Total Language Plus Vocab/Spelling
  6. Vocabulary Lists
  7. WordUp App
  8. Zinc Learning Labs
  9. Vocabu-Lit Series
  10. Twinkl Word Roots
  11. WordBuild Online
  12. Sequential Spelling Online
  13. Home Spelling Words Free Online Games
  14. A Reason For Spelling

Composition/ Writing & Grammar

  1. Night Zookeeper
  2. IEW Institute of Excellence in Writing, available from Oikos
  3. Easy Grammar Series
  4. Language Lessons for Today (My Father’s World)
  5. Saxon Grammar and Writing
  6. Classical Writing
  7. Guest Hollow’s Language Arts Curriculum
  8. Movies as Literature
  9. Tapestry of Grace and see their online version
  10. Trail Guide to Learning https://
  11. Writers in Residence, from Apologia, available from Cum Books
  12. Brave Writer
  13. No Red Ink
  14. Write at Home
  1. Fix it! Grammar
  2. Keys to Good Language, available from Sonlight
  3. Khan Acadamy Grammar FREE
  4. Winston Grammar
  5. Grammar Book – The Blue Book
  6. Quill Grammar
  7. Grammar Flip
  8. The Grammar Ace, available from Sonlight
  9. Grammaropolis
  10. Grammar Planet
  11. Life of Fred Language Arts Series
  12. Write Shop
  13. Analytical Grammar
  14. Writing with Ease from the Well-trained Mind


  1. The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting
  2. Sonlight Handwriting
  3. A reason for Handwriting
  4. Practical Pages Handwriting  FREE
  5. Handwriting Without Tears
  6. Handwriting Success
  7. Peterson Directed Handwriting

Math Curricula

  1. Math-U-See, SA version, available from Oikos or their official website for digital tools
  2. The Good and the Beautiful Math
  3. Singapore Math South Africa
  4. Saxon Math, available on Takealot and Loot.
  5. Teaching Textbooks Math
  6. CTC Math
  7. Life of Fred Math
  8. Math Mammoth
  9. Miquon Math
  10. Khan Academy Math
  11. MathTacular!
  12. Math Adventures, available on Takealot Math Antics
  13. Right Start Math
  14. IXL Math
  15. Adapted Mind Math
  16. Matific
  17. Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction and here

See these examples of Math Manipulatives from Sonlight:

Science Curricula

  1. The Good and the Beautiful Science
  2. Sonlight Science
  3. Exploring Creation science series – Apologia Science for Junior and Senior High Levels and available from Creation Store in South Africa
  4. Science in History Series
  5. Noeo Science
  6. Elemental Science
  7. Super Charged Science
  8. God’s Design Science Series, from MasterBooks
  9. The Rainbow Science Curriculum

Science Experiments & Enrichment

  1. Steve Spangler SICK! Science and his at home learning solutions and see his SICK! Science videos
  2. Mystery Science
  3. Supercharged Free Science Experiments
  4. Science Fun Experiments for Kids
  5. 60 Easy Science Experiments using Materials You Already Have on Hand
  6. DK Science & Nature Books
  7. Elephango see Science
  8. Biology on Ted Talks
  9. Biology Teaching and Learning Resources
  10. Brain Hemisphere Hat Craft Activity
  11. Britannica Science Launch packs
  12. Cells Alive!
  13. Gizmos Interactive Science Simulations
  14. Hewitt Drew-it! Animation videos about conceptual physics
  15. Love 4 Science Experiment Boxes
  16. Periodic Table of Elements in Pictures
  17. Science Mom
  18. The Homeschool Scientist Experiments
  19. Experilab Online Shop for Biology & Chemistry Kits in South Africa
  20. My Lab Science and Chemistry Kits in South Africa and see their Technology Kits
  21. Smart Labs for Science Equipment in South Africa
  22. Nkazimulo Science Kit
  23. Magic School Bus Readers
  24. Hooked on Science
  25. Equine Science from Winter Promise

Nature Journals

  1. The Good and the Beautiful Nature Notebook
  2. Funschooling Nature Study Journals
  3. See this article from Supercharged Science on “How to keep a Science Journal”
  4. Backyard Science eBook
  5. How to start a Nature Journal

2nd Language

Afrikaans (Huistaal / 1e Addisionele Taal)

  1. Afrikaans sonder Grense
  2. ToetenTaal Afrikaans
  3. Piekfyn Afrikaans
  4. Beter Afrikaans – Spelreëls en Spelling
  5. Kom in pas met Afrikaans
  6. Mieliestronk – Afrikaanse Aanlyn Ensiklopedie
  7. Omvattend Afrikaans
  8. Slimkoppe gr. R tot 7
  9. Woema Boeke
  10. VIVA Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans
  11. My Klaskamer – Afrikaans Huistaal gr. 1  tot 3
  12. Luistervink – stories word voorgelees
  13. Maljan boekies van Edu Smile
  14. Kieswetter Klaskamer
  15. My Afrikaanse Avontuur – Afrikaans
  16. Leer Afrikaans 123
  17. Japtrap Leesmetode
  18. Leer Afrikaans sonder om jou rieme styf te loop

When you follow the US pathway then you don’t have to do Afrikaans as a second language. You basically need 2 credits of a Foreign Language in high school for the American High School Diploma. Your options will be determined by your service provider for high school. You can also transfer credits (single subjects) from one accredited service provider to another. Check with your service provider!

For a comprehensive list of Foreign Language Service Providers, see Cathy Duffy Reviews:

Foreign Language

  1. Rosetta Stone
  2. 10 Minutes a Day Series
  3. The Learnables Foreign Language Courses
  4. Muzzy BBC
  5. Duolingo
  6. Sign Language
  7. Better Chinese
  8. Learn to Read, Write and Speak Japanese Easily

Social Studies: History & Geography

  1. Footprints on Our Land: SA History now also available in Afrikaans
  2. South Africa Geography: Meandering Mzanzi
  3. Sonlight History
  4. The Good and the Beautiful – History
  5. My Afrikaanse Avontuur – Geskiedenis
  6. The Story of the World
  7. Trail Guide to Learning and Geography
  8. Funschooling – History and Geography
  9. Truth Quest History
  10. BiblioPlan Cool Histories
  11. Horrible Histories Book Series
  12. Sonlight History Famous Figures – paper dolls
  13. Sonlight History Project Kits
  14. Sonlight History Lap Books


For High School students see what Electives are available from your accredited Service Provider. Most of them provide a wonderful range of options, e.g. Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Art & Design, Collaborative Theatre, Photography, Fashion & Interior Design, Hospitality & Tourism, Health & PE, Personal Fitness, Medical Technology, Computer Science and Coding, Engineering, Business Management, Microsoft Excel, Accounting, Business Marketing & Finance, Personal Finance, Economics, Info Management, Electrical Technology, Plumbing Technology, etc.

Accounting & Business

  1. Introduction to Bookkeeping & Basic Accounting
  2. Accounting  101
  3. Acellus Academy Introduction to Accounting
  4. Acellus Academy Mastering Microsoft Excel
  5. Acellus Academy Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
  6. Acellus Academy  Business Management
  7. Acellus Academy Economics
  8. Information Management

Art, Art History, Art Appreciation & Animation

  1. Sparketh
  2. Pixar in a Box by Khan Academy
  3. Skillshare Art Classes
  4. DIY Art & Craft Courses
  5. Outschool Drawing Courses Painting Courses
  6. Outschool Anime Courses
  7. Khan Academy Art History
  8. Khan Academy Art of Africa  
  9. Khan Academy Looking at Art
  10. Funschooling The Arts
  11. Artistic Pursuits
  12. Atelier Art Attack Curriculum
  13. How Great Thou Art Homeschool Art Curriculum
  14. Art Courses
  15. Charlotte Mason Poetry
  16. Famous Paintings Art Appreciation
  17. Drawspace Drawing Lessons
  18. Hodgepodge 50 free Art Lessons 100+ Free Art Lessons
  19. Incredible Art
  20. Kinderart Lessons
  21. Scholastic Art Magazines
  22. Google Arts & Culture
  23. National Gallery of Art Learning Resources
  24. The South African Artist Magazine
  25. The Virtual Instructor Art Courses & Lessons
  26. OCAD Arts: Art Course Work
  27. Udemy
  28. Domestika 3D and Animation
  29. Acellus Academy AP Studio Art – Drawing

Is your child a creative and interested in pursuing Animation as a Career Pathway? See more info here:

Bible Studies

  1. Bible Project Bible Studies and get the app
  2. The Bible App for Kids
  3. SuperBook CBN
  4. Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum
  5. Friends and Heroes Bible Curriculum
  6. Grape Vine Bible Studies
  7. Calvary Curriculum


  1. Acellus Academy Intro to Coding Javascript
  2. Electronics and Coding
  3. Acellus Academy AP Computer Science
  4. Blockly Games
  5. Code Academy
  6. Code Avengers Junior
  7. Code Combat
  8. CodeHS
  9. Code Monkey
  10. Code Wars
  11. Code Wizards HQ
  12. Hour of Code
  13. Minecraft Hour of Code
  14. CompuScholar
  15. Computers 4 Kids
  16. Khan Academy Computer Science
  17. Computer Programming
  18. Hour of Code on Khan Academy
  19. Tynker
  20. Scratch
  21. Cadakid Minecraft
  22. Code Kingdoms
  23. Kodable
  24. Tekkie Uni
  25. Thimble

Music & Music Appreciation

  1. Funschooling Music
  2. Classics for Kids
  3. Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music
  4. Creating a Masterpiece
  5. Skillshare Music Classes
  6. Flowkey: Learn how to play the piano online
  7. Domestika Music & Audio Courses
  8. Hoffman Academy Online Piano Lessons
  9. Homeschool Piano
  10. Kids Guitar Zone
  11. Acellus Academy Music Appreciation
  12. Acellus Academy AP Music Theory


  1. The Good and the Beautiful Typing
  2. Dance Mat Tying FREE
  3. Homeschool FREE
  4. Typing Rocket Junior
  5. Typing Rocket
  6. Owl Planes Typing
  7. Keyboarding Zoo
  8. Keyboarding Zoo 2

How to Build your own Curriculum

This is a skill that you will develop as you gain confidence and experience in homeschooling your children. This is a fluid process, and it will depend on a lot of factors. Factors like:

  • What is your capacity as a parent to homeschool your child? Can you be a hands-on homeschool parent that can give your children your undivided attention and do you want to teach your children yourself?
  • What kind of support will you need? Do you need a boxed curriculum, an online school, an Open-and-Go curriculum with a Teacher Manual? Do you want to unschool? Or follow a child-led and delight-directed approach? Or a mix?
  • What is your Homeschool Philosophy and your own Teaching Style?
  • Do you want to homeschool in Afrikaans? Then you need to do a CAPS curriculum.
  • Do you want to use international curricula, like Cambridge, or the various American curricula available?
  • Do you want to use Christian Curricula or Secular Curricula? Or maybe a mix.
  • Are you homeschooling Primary or High School? What developmental stage are your children at and what are their education needs? Homeschooling a 6 year old looks very different from homeschooling a 16 year old.
  • What school exit are you aiming for? Will your child need matric exemption for tertiary studies?
  • What is your child’s Personality Type, inborn gifting and career aptitude? What are your child’s career interests and what kind of career pathway do they want to pursue?

The main thing to remember is that you do not have to just do “school at home”. You have the freedom now to custom build your child’s education around their specific needs, personality, learning styles, career pathway and their interests. You have the opportunity to nurture the love of learning and to create lifelong learners.

Most homeschool parents start off with a more formal curriculum or service provider at first. Most of us are petrified that we will make mistakes or ruin our child’s education… but we soon learn that that is not the case! Individualized education is so much more effective than a mainstream school, where the child needs to fit the curriculum and not the curriculum fit the child.

You may need some help at first to put a custom fit curriculum together. A step-by-step guide is available in my eBook, click on the button to check it out:

Primary School

The Primary Years are a wonderful time to start homeschooling. There are so many delightful curricula available and home education should be child-centered and delight-directed.

For practical purposes, I’ll assume that Primary School refers to:

  • grades R to grade 7 if you are following a SA (CAPS) Curriculum;
  • if you follow the American System, it is Primary and Middle School, so from grades K to grade 8 (High School is grades 9-12);
  • if you follow the British System, it includes Lower Secondary/ Key Stage 3/ Checkpoint, so from grade R to grade 9 (Upper Secondary/ Key Stage 4 starts with IGCSE, grades 10/11).

You have probably heard about the 3R’s – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, by Ruth Beechick. This is a popular approach in the homeschool community, when you are starting to homeschool the early years. Read more about it here: Her main point is to approach homeschooling more naturally and use whatever life offers as teaching opportunities for educating your children.

Your Core Curriculum will focus on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, for example English Language Arts (First Language) & Mathematics. Then you add Science, History & Geography, and a 2nd Language (e.g. Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, German, Spanish, French, etc.). You can also add delight-directed electives and subjects like Art, Music, Coding, Engineering, Robotics etc. Finally you can add extracurricular activities like Sport, Dancing, Gymnastics, Archery, Horse riding, Educational Outings, and so forth.

A Literature-based approach has so many advantages for your child’s education. Including a lot of good books, nurturing the love of learning, and growing lifelong learners should be an important factor to consider in putting together your child’s Education Plan. This is often referred to in the Homeschool Community as Living Books.

Living books are engaging and can cover a wide range of subjects, like Bible, History, Geography, Science, Special Interests, even Math (Life of Fred). They can also be audio books.

We distinguish between Read-Alouds (books that you read aloud to your children) and Readers (books that they can read themselves). There is also room for more formal learner books, like Textbooks and Workbooks.

High School

High School is usually a more formal approach to homeschooling, unless you are doing the GED as a school exit. Then your children can continue with an eclectic approach and just study and write the GED exam when they are 17.

The other thing to keep in mind is if your children want to qualify for Matric Exemption per USAf / The SA Matriculation Board’s requirements. It is needed if your child wants to study a degree course at a South African University.

Your High School curriculum will determine what subjects your child will do in High School. Every curriculum has their own set of rules and requirements to qualify for their qualification as a school exit. For more info about the different Matric Pathways available to homeschoolers in South Africa, see:

So, take a look at the Curriculum Directory and pick your favorite option for each subject. Complete the handy form below: