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Wisdom to the Wise

I believe that KNOWLEGE IS POWER and that information should always be free and accessible to all – and not hoarded by the experts and gatekeepers of Education. That is why the information and resources on my website will always be free.

You are welcome to browse through the Website for the information you need:

  1. Learn more about me:
  2. How to start Homeschooling:
  3. The Road Less Traveled – can homeschooling be a lonely lifestyle?
  4. Is Homeschooling Legal? Should I register with the DBE?
  5. How to homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way:
  6. How to nurture the Love of Learning – Placare Docere Movere:
  7. Do you have a child with support needs? See info on Neurodiversity and homeschooling an autistic child:
  8. Do you have a Gifted Child?
  9. Do you have a Sensitive and Introverted Child? and see info about the Highly Sensitive Child:
  10. What are the different Learning Styles? How you can teach the way your child learns:
  11. What are the theory of Multiple Intelligences? and see here how we are all smart:
  12. What are the different Matric Pathways available to a homeschooler in South Africa:
  13. How to homeschool with Cambridge as a school exit:
  14. How to do Art & Design with Cambridge as a homeschooler:
  15. How to homeschool with the American High School Diploma as a school exit:
  16. Learn how to graduate homeschool with an accredited American High School Diploma from Acellus Academy:
  17. How to homeschool with a GED as a school exit:
  18. How to bridge the gap to study a degree course at a SA uni with a GED:
  19. Do you have a creative child? See info and resources for Animation as a Career Pathway:
  20. What is your child’s Personality Profile and Career Pathway?
  21. What is Math Fact Fluency and how you can help your child to excel at Math:
  22. How the master the Art of Language Arts with homeschool resources:
  23. Book Lists & Living Books for homeschool:
  24. How to teach my children about the Word of God: and and

I am convinced that anyone can home educate their children with great success if you are motivated, willing to learn and plugged into the homeschool community. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well… welcome to the global village of Home Education!

Do you feel overwhelmed and in need of some support and guidance?

I do realize that sometimes all of us may need some guidance from others that have gone before, that know the pitfalls and can help us to avoid them – you absolutely do not have to reinvent the wheel. There is wisdom in the counsel of many and the homeschool community is wonderful and supportive – we are willing to help and empower each other to succeed. I find it refreshing and inspiring that there is no hierarchy and that it is a truly collaborative, organic culture of mutual aid, where people are still willing to give of themselves and their time for the greater good.

Let me help you to the gain the knowledge and the skills that you need to homeschool your children successfully. I passionately believe in transferring knowledge and skills to empower parents to home educate their children with CONFIDENCE, HOPE and PEACE. We all had to start at the beginning – you are not alone!

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