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Homeschool Coaching

You are very welcome to make an appointment, we can meet in person in Hermanus or online on Zoom or Skype.

A Consultation will focus on creating an Individualized Education Plan for your child and Homeschool Coaching specific to your circumstances and needs.

I am available for in person consultations on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 3 pm & online consultations may be scheduled at different times {excluding school holidays}.

I also offer additional Ecometric Assessments that will help to give you a clear picture of what Homeschool Approach, Curricula options, Service Providers and School Exit (CAPS NSC/IEB, Cambridge, GED or American High School Diploma) will be the best fit for your unique child. For example, your child’s Personality Profile, Career Aptitude, Learning Styles, Neurodiversity (Autism/ ADHD/ Dyslexia/ Sensory Processing issues/ a Gifted Child, etc.), Your Parenting Style, and your child’s Spiritual Gifts.

If you are not interested in a Consultation (either in person or Zoom) then I also offer a Self-Assessment that you can complete at home and that will give me the info I need to put together you child’s Individualized Education Report & Step by Step Instructions for Homeschooling.

Psycho-Social Support & Neurodiversity Parent Support

I am a qualified Social Worker and also offer general Psycho-Social Support to Parents, especially around Neurodiversity (Autism/ ADHD/ SPD, 2e etc.) and Individualized Education.

SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION: Individualized Education & Remedial Homeschool Curricula for Special Needs Education, Accommodations needed and children with Support Needs.

Price List

Homeschool Consultation & Coaching that includes a detailed report and Individualized Education Plan.R500

Child Personality Profile Report {age 7-18}: Myers-Briggs Type

Parenting Style Report

Adult Personality Profile Report: Myers-Briggs TypeR500
Career Pathway Report {Holland Code}R500
Memletics Learning Styles ReportR350
Winged Heart: The Highly Sensitive Child
{23 pages Report}
Autism (Asperger’s) – Helpful Info & Tools
for Autistics, Parents & Homeschoolers
{28 pages Report}
Parent Handbook for PTSD in Children:
Child Abuse & Trauma {41 pages}
My Father’s Gifts: Spiritual Gifts Profile
{Arthur Burke Redemptive Gifts, 28 pages}

My eBook – How to Homeschool with Confidence, Hope & Peace: In a South African Context

My eBook is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. Click on the Button below to buy it: