Winged Heart Art & Music Appreciation


Have you always wanted to make Art & Music Appreciation part of your homeschool? But it always seemed too expensive, too complicated or too overwhelming?

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Winged Heart Art & Music is a Homeschool Art & Music Program. It is based on Charlotte Mason’s Art Appreciation & Picture Study, as well as Music Appreciation & Composer Study. Combined with the Atelier Training Method of Skills-based Learning, a method for teaching Visual Art by introducing Technical Skills in a layered way, in order to intelligently translate objects into drawings, paintings and sculptures.

“Expand your own toolbox for visual expression.” – DaVinciInitiative


Free your child’s Inner Artist/ Musician … SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE & PASSION

I believe that we cannot make a child an artist/musician, it is an inborn temperament trait and ability, that needs to be nurtured and developed.

If you have a creative/musical child…it is already their nature. We can only give them a voice…the skills and knowledge to express themselves creatively and the exposure to art/music that will ignite the flame and the passion burning in their souls.

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